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A rhythm music game for touch devices


Elektrikerus is a music rhythm game in the likes of Guitar Hero. The player has to hit specific notes at the right time to unlock enhanced visuals over the course of one song. The music is produced by Luis Baltes aka Tiger Uppercut. This game is a proof of concept. A HTML5 version with one level and a menu screen can be played via the link below. It was programmed with construct2.

Play Elektrikerus


The player controls 5 sliders at the bottom of the screen either by touching them via a touch display or by hitting the 1-5 keys on the keyboard for each button respectivley. Green indicators will move from bottom to top and the player has to hit the specific sliders at the right moment to earn points and trigger further visuals.

The player uses the touch display to trigger the sliders. By tapping on one slider, it will jump to the top of the screen and will then slowly move back to it’s initial position. Multiple sliders can be triggerd at the same time. In the beta version, alternativley the player can use the 1-5 keys on the keyboard to get the same effect.

Developement Team

Game Design, Art Design, Programming
MusikLuis Baltes (Facebook, Soundcloud)
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