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Table of contents

Concept / brief description

Our basic idea for this project is to create a top-down-2D-game in a world of vacuum robots. Our focus was to make a 2-player-coop game, in which the 2 player have to work together to defeat several mighty bosses. The players have to study the bosses' attack mechanics and patterns, to develop a winning strategy by smart use of their individual skillsets in order to defeat the respective boss. The players can chose between 2 different characters, each with its own special skills and traits.

The game world consists of a hub world and arena where they are supposed to challenge the bosses.

ControlsSmartphone as Controller
EngineUnity (with AirConsole Plugin for smartphone-Controller)
GameplayKoop, defeating mighty bosses only by cohesive teamwork



The participating players will have the chance to experience the point of view of 2 cute, little vacuum robots.  As for the players' concepts, we initially thought about having 2 different types of characters, naturally with different set of abilities and skillsets. The usage of the abilities shall be limited by a pre defined cooldown for each individual skill. In the following section you can see how the 2 aforementioned characters are defined:


  • more movement speed
  • ranged attacks
  • less damage per attack
  • special ability: dash


  • less movement speed
  • more damage per attack
  • special ability: shield; group healing


The first boss is the number one arch enemy of every vacuum robot. Stardust is a really stubborn creature consisting of dust composed into cloud alike forms. It consists of 1 cloud looking like his main body and 2 clouds which appears to be its arms. Each arm has different abilities. If the players manage to destroy one of the arms, it will seperate from the main body and stardust will cease attacks coming from this arm. The main body has a big ultimate spell in form of a laser beam which shoots in a huge cone.

How to play?

By utilizing the AirConsole plugin it's possible to have a virtual controller on our own handheld devices.

There is a virtual joystick to control the character in 360 degree directions, and 3 action buttons for basic attacks and special attacks.


The players start off in the hub world, in which they can practice or play around with their skills. Then they can move over to the arena to start the first boss fight.

There are multiple stages to the boss fight. Naturally with the progressing stage the boss will become more agressive, stronger and faster, hence the fight is going to eventually become harder. To move on to the next stage, the players have to either damage the boss up to a specific threshold or they have to a combined attack or some specific cooperative action. Optionally there is also the possibility to unlock a secret tip. At last the players have to perform a "coop-finisher" in order to finish off the boss.


Time Beam

Expenditure of time


Team members / Credits

Download link for the game

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